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With the emergence of online business, online shopping platforms, online sales and other aspects of the widely popular online era, it is imperative that business owners would need a tangible yardstick to measure their popularity and growing business trends. One revolutionary tool that promises to provide some rather detailed statistical insight into your visitor traffic is a Stat Counter. The Stat Counter could provide you with counts of visitors currently online, visitors who came by yesterday, today and the overall count so far. The statistical figures could immensely help business leaders in formulating new sales techniques, promote certain products, devise marketing strategies and monitor the visitor trend for each product/service.

Well, the market has quite a few similar tools, but most of them come with hefty price and integration complexities. The overhead associated with programmatically tweaking them to fit into your website/blog requires sound programming skills, which are often rare in Business owners. As a result, they end up hiring developers at high rates. Our Stat Counter is absolutely free and comes with no hidden costs. You neither need to supply your E-Mail address nor your personal phone number. You also don’t need to fill-up any online web-forms. No bank details and no passwords – All you need to do is a simple copy-paste.

One of the most used Widgets

The range of interesting Stat Counter has been steadily climbing up the popularity charts in leaps and bounds. It has outshone many rival tools and emerged as one of the most used Widgets. The prime reason behind its stupendous growth curve is its simplicity of use.

  • Select the Stat Counter that you prefer. A simpler version does better justice in case your webpage has limited space. Alternatively you could settle for the counter providing dynamic details regarding the number of visits.
  • There are variants of Web Stat Counter which provides insightful information pertaining to Visitor count for the current day, yesterday, all visitors ever since. Some of them also provide details on who are currently online.
  • Next, select the color that fits your website layout and theme.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the “Generate Code” or “Grab It” button.
  • A window opens up with a fragment of HTML code.
  • Right-click over the code. You would see a menu stating “Copy Code” or “Copy Selection”, depending upon your Operating System, language settings, browser controls.
  • The code should get selected and a menu pops up. Depending upon your Operating System, language settings, browser controls, you should be getting a menu stating “Copy Code” or “Copy Selection”.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • You need to paste the HTML code at the page or layout on your website/blog.
  • Right-Click and Paste.

Reliable Counters with Stats

The reliability of the Web Counter is established by the fact that millions of business users, bloggers and web-enthusiasts have incorporated Stat Counters into their website/blogs. While, Counters play a major role in strengthening your brand value, it instils a sense of confidence among potential customers, who can trust your site even more, when they mammoth number of visitors who have visited the website prior to them. Well, our ace developers decided to tread a step further in providing actual value to the Stat Counter. Here’s how. As a business owner, you might want to keep a close watch on how each of your product pages has been striking the rhythm with organic buyers in terms of visitor count. Such a comparative study could provide you with a definitive idea of how each product or service needs further attention and new business models. We have designed the WebStat Counters in such a way that it displays the visitor count for each webpage. All you need to do is embed the piece of code onto every product page that you want you track, rather than pasting the HTML onto the master layout or the ‘contact us’ page.

Comprehensive Statistics to analyse Hits and Visitors

To study an incremental trend in visitor footfall, it is crucial that you get comprehensive details of visitors per day, last day, and overall count and also visitors currently online on your website. The Stat Counter makes that possible. The Stat Counter gives a clear picture of the number of visitors you are getting every day. Using this statistical data you will be able to identify which days of the week or even which parts of the day your website is getting most visitors. Moreover, you will also get a comparison of the total number of visitors you are getting and even the number of visitors which are currently online. This is of great help for those who are looking forward to provide live chat or even assistance to the logged in users at a certain point of time.

Free Stat Counter without Registration!

The Stat Counter is free and involves no lengthy registration process. You needn’t supply your phone number or email address. Nor do you need to fill up online forms or set any fuzzy passwords. All it takes is a simple copy-paste operation. The Stat Counter is a unique offering that hides the internal complexities involving real-time user tracking and traffic monitoring. What you see is a rather simple HTML code that needs to be embedded into your website or blog.